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Menu Introduction
The calorie estimates in the menu is based on analytical figures from an inspection agency or calculated figures from “Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan-4th and 5th Edition”, or the combination of the two. Please note that these estimate are provided as reference to our customers.
Modern-yaki & Omusoba
Side Menu & Drink
Special Osaka Yakisoba
Special Osaka Yakisoba
 Botejyu Express’s popular sauce flavor yakisoba.
 The perfect combination of our homemade thick noodles and our original-blend sauce made from three types of our legendary sauces.
 This representative yakisoba of Osaka is dynamically cooked prepared using high heat and continues to be a popular item among customers.
Fujinomiya Yakisoba
fujinomiya yakisoba
Fujinomiya Yakisoba
 Winner for two consecutive years of the B-Class Gourmet Festival in 2006 and 2007.
 Gotochi (local specialty) yakisoba from Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture.Known for its firm steamed noodles. A simple yakisoba lightly flavored with sauce and full of vegetables. Equally characteristic of this yakisoba is the use of crackling that is left over after rending pork fat into lard.
 This adds indescribable flavor to the dish.
 Enjoy with sardine flakes at your preference.
Yokote Yakisoba
 Winner of the 2009 B-Class Gourmet Festival.
 Gotochi (local specialty) yakisoba from Yokote, Akita Prefecture.
 Using straight, thick and square noodles that are boiled, Yokote yakisoba has cabbage and ground pork as one of its main ingredients and is topped with a sunny-side-up fried egg. It is served with fukujin-zuke, or Japanese pickles.
 Using a Worcestershire-based sauce mixed with our original broth, this yakisoba possesses a mild flavor that is not too spicy.
 Enjoy this unique yakisoba the Yokote way by poking fried egg and letting the egg yoke blend in with the noodles.
Hiruzen Yakisoba
 Winner of the Kokura BQ Shoku KING’s yakisoba battle in March 2010 and the runner-up finalist of the Grade B Gourmet Festival held in Atsugi in September, the Hiruzen Yakisoba is a Gotochi regional specialty of Hiruzen Highlands in northern Okayama prefecture that has been loved by the locals for over 50 years.
 Unlike the common Worcestershire sauce yakisoba, this yakisoba with juicy highland cabbage and chicken is flavored with a thick and aromatic “secret sweet & spicy sauce” made with miso.
 No doubt you will become addicted to this unique yakisoba.
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