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Menu Introduction
The calorie estimates in the menu is based on analytical figures from an inspection agency or calculated figures from “Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan-4th and 5th Edition”, or the combination of the two. Please note that these estimate are provided as reference to our customers.
Modern-yaki & Omusoba
Side Menu & Drink
Moriyama Fried Chicken Thighs
* Only available at Senju Mildix branch.
Moriyama Fried Chicken Thighs
 A local specialty of Nakatsu, this crispy Japanese-style fried chicken is made from chicken thighs marinated for half a day in Moriyama’s secret garlic sauce that has been passed down since their establishment in 1970.
 One whiff of the garlic aroma will entice you to try this delicious fried chicken and will no doubt make you want more.
 Juicy chicken wrapped in a crispy batter make this Japanese-style fried chicken a dish you will never forget.
 Please enjoy this unforgettable dish.
  A local specialty of Akashi city in Hyogo Prefecture, the Akashi Tamagoyaki , is made from egg, Japanese broth, wheat starch, flour and octopus.
 Enjoy these light and fluffy tamagoyaki balls by dipping them in our delicious dashi broth.
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