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Menu Introduction
The calorie estimates in the menu is based on analytical figures from an inspection agency or calculated figures from “Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan-4th and 5th Edition”, or the combination of the two. Please note that these estimate are provided as reference to our customers.
Modern-yaki & Omusoba
Side Menu & Drink
Bokkake Yakisoba
Bokkake Yakisoba
 An exquisite yakisoba combining Bokkake and our special sweet and tangy sauce.
 Bokkake is a popular Kansai dish that is made from simmering beef tendon and konnyaku (devil’s tongue jelly) with sweet rice wine and soy sauce.
 It mixes well with our fully-matured hand-kneaded noodles. The Kansai green onion topping is a perfect match with this dish. Once you’ve tried this yakisoba, you’re sure to get hooked.
Shrimp Chips Yakisoba
 Thick, fully-matured and hand-kneaded noodles lightly flavored with our special salt-based sauce.
 To make this dish unique, we’ve added crunchy “shrimp chips” made by Kyoto’s Uoi (established in 1882) and Japanese spring onions, giving this dish more aroma, flavor and texture.
 One of the highly recommended dishes at Botejyu Express.
Italian Yakisoba
 A westernize version of yakisoba. Our homemade, fully matured yakisoba noodles topped with our special meat sauce.
 Perfect for those who are bored with the traditional yakisoba.
Please note that this item may not be offered at all branches.
Kimchi & Pork Yakisoba
Kimchi & Pork Yakisoba
 The sweetness of the sauce and the spiciness of the “Korai Kimchi” are a perfect match in this yakisoba.
 Located in Tsuruhashi Korean Town, the home of kimchi in Osaka, Korai’s homemade kimchi made by Mr. Oh is especially popular among the Korean residents living in Japan.
 The kimchi further brings out the delicious flavor of the thick noodles this stamina building dish.
Keema Curry Yakisoba
  Our original sauce yakisoba topped with our homemade keema curry.
 A yakisoba with an ethnic touch. We’ve added a kick to our yakisoba.
 The spicy curry and the sweet flavor of the sauce intertwine to bring about a new twist that is sure to entice your appetite.
 The sunny-side up egg placed on top further complements the spiciness of the yakisoba.
Please note that this item may not be offered at all branches.
Legendary Beef Yakisoba
Legendary Beef Yakisoba
 The flavorful taste of beef and the natural sweetness of onion, together with the aromatic Worcestershire sauce and the secret ingredient, crackling, make the overall flavor of this yakisoba mild and full of texture.
 After savoring the mildness of the dish with the first bite, you will next enjoy the spiciness gradually spreading throughout your mouth.
 An exquisite and nostalgic yakisoba originating from the shitamachi working-class neighborhood of Osaka.
Beef Tendon Curry Yakisoba
Beef Tendon Curry Yakisoba
  Yakisoba with an ethnic twist.
 Flavored with mild spicy beef tendon curry that has been stewed for many hours.
 The enticing aroma of burnt curry coupled with the rich flavor of poached Onsen egg mixed in the sophisticated curry add a new dimension of flavor to the dish.
 A recommended teppan-yakisoba at Botejyu Express.
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