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Botejyu Group Sponsors INOKI BOM-BA-YE 2014

Botejyu Group supported INOKI BOM-BA-YE 2014, a martial arts event that was held on New Year's Eve at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan.
As a food service company aiming to "encourage healthy living and social vitality" through food, we are actively promoting the development of both amateur and professional sports and as part of this goal, we decided to sponsor the INOKI BOM-BA-YE 2014.
The main event was the revenge match between Mirko Filipovic and Satoshi Ishii, a rematch of the INOKI GENOME FIGHT 2 encounter this summer.
Mirko Filipovic is the 2006 Pride World Grand Prix Open-Weight Champion and the former K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. He has served in the Croatian police force and Parliament (2003-2007) and is considered a national hero in Croatia.
Filipovic's opponent, Satoshi Ishii, is mixed martial artist well noted for his accomplishments as well. The match will be broadcasted on January 4th on Fuji Television. It is promised to be a must-see match.

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Botejyu Employee Fumitaka Morishita Wins the Emperor's Cup All Japan National Wrestling Championship

Botejyu employee, Fumitaka Morishita (men's 57kg freestyle wrestling), claimed his 3rd consecutive victory at the 2014 Emperor's Cup All Japan National Wrestling Championship held in Tokyo's Yoyogi National Stadium.
Morishita was also named Outstanding Wrestler in freestyle.



Botejyu Group Featured in Seikei Alumni Association News.

Botejyu Group was featured in the "Restaurants Owned by Alumni" corner of the Seikei Alumni Association News.

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Botejyu Group Supports American School in Japan's Winterfest

Botejyu Group supported the American School in Japan's annual fundraising event, Winterfest, an international carnival featuring taiko, choir and hand bell performances, kimono dressing and photo, international food and shopping.
ASIJ is one of the oldest international schools in Japan.



PASTA HiRo Opens Branch in Food Court Area of Grand Tree Musashi Kosugi

PASTA HiRo has opened its first branch in the food court area of Grand Tree Musashi Kosugi.
Grand Tree Musashi Kosugi shopping mall opened in November 2014 in Musashi Kosugi. As a railway interchange station accommodating the JR Nambu, Yokosuka and the Shonan Shinjuku lines as well as the Tokyu Toyoko line, this city is easily accessible from Tokyo, Yokohama and Haneda.
Grand Tree Musashi Kosugi houses approximately 150 stores including Ito Yokado, Sogo, Seibu, Loft, Akachan Honpo, Kinokuniya Book Store and Tower Records.
The PASTA HiRo Grand Tree Musashi Kosugi branch opened in the Grand Tree Musashi Kosugi food court in November 2014.
At PASTA HiRo, we offer creative and high quality pasta and pizza dishes produced by the genius Italian food chef, Hiromi Yamada, at a reasonable price.
We look forward to seeing you at our restaurant.



Launch of Botejyu Group's Redesigned Employment Website.

Botejyu Group has launched our redesigned employment website.
In addition to employment information and application form, the new site now includes an introduction to our business strategy and operations.



Botejyu Group Supports Nonprofit Organization AMDA Multisectorial & Integrated Development Services (AMDA-MINDS).

Botejyu Group is supporting the various activities of AMDA Multisectorial & Integrated Development Services (AMDA-MINDS), a nonprofit organization striving to improve the livelihood of people living in deprived areas through human and infrastructural development.
We hope you will also considering supporting this organization.



Botejyu Employee Fumitaka Morishita Places 5th in the Asian Games Held in Incheon, South Korea.

Botejyu's employee Fumitaka Morishita came in 5th place in the Asian Games men's 57kg class free style wresting 57kg held in Incheon, South Korea.



Botejyu Group Sponsors the Second Annual All Japan Pro-Wrestling Royal Road Tournament

Aiming to promote healthy lifestyle through food and sports, the Botejyu Group is actively supporting various sports.
This year, we are sponsoring the Second Annual All Japan Pro-Wrestling Royal Road Tournament. The Osaka tournament will be held on September 28th in the second arena of the Osaka BODYMAKER Colosseum (formerly known as the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium).

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Botejyu Group Sponsors UFC Final Night Martial Artist Yoshihiro Akiyama

Botejyu Group sponsored the Asian Judo Games and Asian Judo Championship gold medalist, Yoshihiro Akiyama, who participated in the UFC Final Night held at the Saitama Super Arena on September 20th.

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Botejyu Group Invited as Guest Speaker at the Taiwan Market Development Seminar Hosted by J-LOP Visual Industry Promotion Organization.

Botejyu Group was invited to the J-LOP Visual Industry Promotion Organization's Taiwan Market Development Seminar held on August 28th in Shibuya, Tokyo.
The presentation titled, "Collaboration between the Food Service Industry and Popular Character Goods", focused on actual examples of collaborative campaigns in Taiwan.



Botejyu Group Sponsors INOKI GENOME FIGHT 2 Held on August 23rd at Ryougoku Sumo Hall.

The Botejyu Group sponsored the INOKI GENOME FIGHT 2 hosted by the Inoki Genome Foundation on August 23rd at the Ryougoku Sumo Hall.
As a food service company aiming to "vitalize the Japanese people's health and society through food", we are supporting the promotion of sports both on the amateur and professional levels.
We have decided to support INOKI GENOME FIGHT 2 as we recognize it as a project that is in line with our goals.
The main event is the fight between Satoshi Ishii and Mirko Filipovic.
Filipovic is the former 2006 Pride World Grand Prix Open-Weight Champion and former K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. As a former politician and law enforcement officer in Croatia, he is a popular and well-respected hero in Croatia.
Satoshi Ishii is a judoka (6th dan) and noted for winning a gold medal in the men's judo (100 kg) at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.
He is then moved to the sport of mixed martial arts and has an impressive record. This match is a mustĖsee fight.
We hope you get a chance to see our company logo on the gloves during the match.
The match will also be broadcasted on TV.

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Botejyu Group sponsored the KAMAMOTO SUMMER SOCCER FESTIVAL 2014 that was held on August 11th at the Ibaraki Athletic Field of Riseisha College of Medicine and Sports.
On it's 18th year, this tournament promotes the interleague exchange and skills development of Junior Soccer.

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Botejyu Group's Collaboration Project Introduced in Volumen 312 of Global x Omotenashi x Food Magazine Global Biz Journal

Botejyu's active involvement in collaboration projects was featured in Global Biz Journal's series on the secrets of collaboration.
The article titled, "Tokyo Food's Continued Collaboration with the Movie, Crayon Shin-chan, and Uniqlo" introduces examples of our Group promoting collaborative work in other industries.

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Botejyu's Support of Sports Featured in Sankei Newspaper

Botejyu's activities in supporting sports as part of our corporate social responsibility was featured in Sankei Newspaper.
Sankei's article on the future of corporate sports focused on Botejyu's support of Fumitaka Morishita, a Botejyu employee and 57kg class wrestler.

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Botejyu Express Opens in Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma Branch.

Botejyu Express has opened a branch in Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma.
Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma is the largest outlet mall in Japan housing 204 stores including clothing, household goods and restaurants.
As a restaurant specializing in local specialty yakisoba, at Botejyu Express we serve made-to-order, sizzling hot food. We hope you will enjoy authentic local food that can only be experienced at Botejyu Express.



Botejyu Employee Fumitaka Morishita Wins the World University Championship in Pecs, Hungary

Botejyu's employee, Fumitaka Morishita, won the World University Championship held in Pecs, Hungary.
Athletes can compete in this tournament up to 2 years after graduating from university.



Botejyu Employee Fumitaka Morishita Selected to Represent Japan in the Asian Games Men's Freestyle Wrestling 57kg Class.

Botejyu's athlete employee, Fumitaka Morishita, was selected to represent Japan in men's freestyle wrestling 57kg class at the Asian Games to be held from September 27th to October 1st in Incheon, South Korea.
The Asian Games is a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over Asia.
Please support Morishita!



Botejyu Employee Fujitaka Morishita Wins Seconds Place in the Meiji Cup All Japan Wrestling Championship Men's Freestyle 57kg.

Botejyu's employee, Fumitaka Morishita, came in second place in the Men's freestyle 57kg class at the Meiji Cup All Japan Wrestling Championship held on June 15th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.


Botejyu Express in Kanto Area Offering a Scratch Card Campaign from June 7th to July 21st.

Botejyu Express restaurants in the Kanto area will be offering a scratch card campaign from June 7th to July 21st.

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Botejyu Group Invited as a Guest Speaker at Kinki University.

Botejyu Group was invited to Kinki University as a guest speaker to talk about the current situation of our company and the food service industry.
In our presentation, we gave students concrete examples of Botejyu Group's business strategy for leading the Osaka food culture, our current and future plans and the present and future trends of the food service industry.


Botejyu Employee Fumitaka Morishita Wins Bronze Medal at the Asian Wrestling Championships Men's Freestyle 57kg.

Botejyu employee, Fumitaka Morishita, took home the bronze medal at the Asian Wrestling Championships (Kazakhstan) in the men's 57 kg class freestyle after winning against Rezazaden Mehran (Iran) in a 5-5 number of cautions win.



Botejyu Group Supported the 16th Japan-Korea FreeBond Friendship Festival

Botejyu Group supported the 16th Japan-Korea FreeBond Friendship Festival held on April 5th Ė 6th at Asco The Park Tanba to bridge the friendship between Japanese and Korean Junior soccer leagues.

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Opening of Botejyu Express Pasar Moriya Branch

Botejyu Express is opening a branch in Pasar Moriya facility inside the Moriya service area located in southern Ibaraki Prefecture.
Pasar Moriya is a commercial facility that is opening inside the Jyoban Expressway service area consisting of 21 shops including restaurants, food court vendors and cafes.
Botejyu Express will offer local specialty foods from all over the country including Osaka specialties such as yakisoba modern-yaki and takoyaki. As the first branch to open on an expressway, the menu at Pasar Moriya branch will also include dishes using Ibarakiís local pork produce, Rose pork.
Rose pork is a specific brand of pork that originated in Ibaraki. The name, Rose pork, comes from the porkís pale pink color and the fact that the rose is Ibarakiís prefectural flower. Rose pork won first prize at the 2002 National Meat Contest competing against 17 pork brands across Japan.

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Botejyu Group Supports Hiruzen Snow Festival

Botejyu Group is supporting the Hiruzen Snow Festival to take place in the Hiruzen Highlands in Maniwa, Okayama.
This event was started to promote exchange between Yokote city in Akita and Hiruzen in Maniwa city. You can enjoy playing in the snow and kamakura snow houses handed down directly from kamakura craftsmen, experience traditional Hiruzen culture and eat the local specialty foods.
At night, the 100 kamakura snow houses are lit up with candle, giving the venue a magical fairyland feel.

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Botejyu Group Supports the American School in Japanís Winterfest Event

Botejyu Group supported the American School in Japanís annual fundraising event, Winterfest, which included taiko, choir and handbell performances, shopping as well as food from various countries around the world.
ASIJ is the oldest international school in Japan.



Botejyu Group Offers Niigata Kashiwazaki Taichazuke at the 5th National Donburi Competition at Tokyo Dome

Botejyu Group has collaborated in the sales promotion of the Kashiwazaki Taichazuke at the Furusato Fairís 5th National Donburi Competition held at Tokyo Dome from January 10-19, 2014.
The Kashiwazaki Taichazuke won the Grand Prix at last yearís event and placed 2nd at this yearís event.

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