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Ibaraki Area - Pasar Moriya Branch
Pasar Moriya Branch
Pasar Moriya Branch - Map
Pasar Moriya is a commercial facility that is opening inside the Jyoban Expressway service area consisting of 21 shops including restaurants, food court vendors and cafes.
Botejyu Express will offer local specialty foods from all over the country including Osaka specialties such as yakisoba modern-yaki and takoyaki.
As the first branch to open on an expressway, the menu at Pasar Moriya branch will also include dishes using Ibarakiís local pork produce, Rose pork.
Rose pork is a specific brand of pork that originated in Ibaraki. The name, Rose pork, comes from the porkís pale pink color and the fact that the rose is Ibarakiís prefectural flower.
Rose pork won first prize at the 2002 National Meat Contest competing against 17 pork brands across Japan.
Address : Pasar Moriya, oogashiwa166, Moriya-shi, Ibaraki 302-0116
TEL : 0297-38-7311
FAX : 0297-38-7311
Business Hours : 9:00~21:30
Last Order : 21:00
Access :
Moriya Rest area (JOBAN EXPRESSWAY)
Parking : Available
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